Girl Girl Fun

Released at: June 20, 2018 by GA Photo
Severin Graves had just returned to her home state ofWisconsin and had not been with a girl in a LONG time. She also had never shot with Naughty Midwest Girls before. So, we decided both situations needed to be fixed and Aubrey Lee couldn't wait to play with another hot girl. This is a case of an experienced althernative porn girl like Severin being "corrupted" by the younger girl-next-door Aubrey. After a little interview about Severin's kinkiness as we get to know her, they both get naked and compare boobs, butts and pussy lips. Finally it is time to move to the bed for some serious pussy action. These two hot girls don't disappoint as they lick and pound each others pussies with vibrators until they each cum hard. Nothing faked here as you will see in the closeups of their wet pussies! Watch for a future update to see Severin's favorite kink - cock in her ass!

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