Girl Girl Sex 306

Released at: July 6, 2021 by abbywinters
Lalia and Eliska giggle while they scribble in a coloring book lying in bed. Raising their eyes from the book, they look at each other and passionately begin to kiss. Ardently undressing each other, Lalia caresses Eliska's big breasts as she takes her top off while Eliska squeezes Lalia's round bum firmly. Laying on her back, Lalia opens her legs wide apart, while Eliska uses her fingers to spread her labia and licks her clitoris; moving her wet tongue delicately. Turning around, Eliska on all fours while Lalia fingers her from behind, making her breath deeply and moan in pleasure. Sitting behind Chelsea, Holly delicately kisses her neck and slides her hands to the front, caressing her pert breasts and pubic region. Closing her eyes, Chelsea holds Holly's hand against her wet panties, rubbing her fingers against her hairy vulva. Turning around, Holly lays on all fours and closes her eyes as she feels Chelsea biting her bum cheeks from behind and feels Chelsea slowly inserting her fingers in her wet pussy. Continuing to pleasure each other, the girls position themselves in 69, licking each other's vulva as they continue to approach an intense orgasm.

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