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Released at: March 29, 2023 by abbywinters
Candice and Ciara are a perfect match. Beyond their similar look, with slender figures and fair skin, they're both sexually adventurous and bursting with creative ideas for how to pleasure each other. Ciara begins by massaging Candice's bare feet, then licking her toes. After savoring the taste of Candice's soft armpit. Ciara pulls down her panties and squeezes her bum cheeks during lustful rimming. By then, Candice is beyond excited to explore Ciara's body, using her toes to tug at her bra and tease her nipples. Next, Ciara gets on all fours and moans, while Candice plunges one finger deep into her anus. "I feel that because we are French, we connected more!" Delfine announces in the afterglow while cuddling Manon, who happily replies, "we have a complicity ". Both girls delight in having sex with a new friend with the same melodious accent, and soft kisses lead to snug tops being discarded. They giggle while rubbing their perky nipples together, then take turns suckling them and removing each other's panties. After excitedly comparing their matching beauty spots, they indulge in lustful Tribbing. "I really like our pussies together like that!" Delfine moans in pleasure as her fuzzy bush and wet vulva melt into her partner's.

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