Girl's All Grown Up

Released at: February 11, 2022 by Girlsway
Nikki Delano and her stepdaughter Aften Opal have a heated discussion. Nikki wants to sell their house, but Aften opposed it. But when the real estate agent (Nina Elle) arrives, the girls try to make a sexual arrangement with Nina, to lean towards the option of staying or selling. It's Leah Lee's 18th birthday and she's excited. Her two stepmoms, Cory Chase and Nadia White, are adorning the living room with decorations for the occasion. Leah then mentions something about a family tradition. It's revealed that Nadia's family has a tradition that includes having sex with stepdaughters when they turn 18, so the stepdaughters will feel empowered and ready to face the world. Step-sisters Emma Starletto and Lily Larimar both look bored as they sit in an empty classroom. Emma and Lily are surprised when their step-mother Sarah Vandella pokes her head in. Shocked that they are unsupervised, Sarah is furious about the school's lack of structure and discipline and decides to punish the girls herself.

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