GirlGuru: Melissa Ria

Released at: February 21, 2013 by GirlGuru
Melissa, the dark-haired beauty from the Czech Republic, is only 20 years old - but she moves as sensuously as an experienced woman. An experienced woman, however, caught in the slender, well-toned, gorgeous body of a teenager. One can easily imagine her as a capricious and skittish - but in the interview, she proves to be a very natural and endearing girl. As a porn actress, she has only started about four months ago, after she broke up with her boyfriend. She simply wanted to try it - and stayed with it. It was strange for her to be naked in front of the camera at first, but now she finds it entirely natural. Melissa has another job - she is assistant manager at a car dealership, and in five years she would like to work in an office. She doesn't want to become famous. Although the sex on camera is work, as she says, she loves it a lot. But only private sex is real sex for her. She sometimes prefers to have sex with other girls on camera instead of guys, because they know exactly how to please her. And she gives head only if it's a very special cock. The dick of the male colleague joining her soon obviously qualifies! She takes care of it not only with her mouth, but with her feet, too. And inside her. She clearly particularly enjoys the spoon position, one of her favorites! But she likes cowgirl forwards and backwards, doggy and missionary as well. He, though, seems to have liked her foot-job best, and this is what they choose for their finale.

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