Gyno-X Nr. 37

Released at: July 21, 2009 by Z-Faktor
The movie opens with the blonde, Nina, at the doctor's office for an exam. Once she gets in to see the doctor, she removes all her clothes and he begins to examine her holes. With her legs in stirrups, he uses a speculum and his fingers to stretch her pussy. While the doctor is examining Nina in one room, the nurse exits to the room next door for an examination of her own! She meets up with another doctor that licks her pussy and fucks her hard until there is a commotion in the other room and she needs to leave. Everyone meets up in Nina's room again to see that her husband has passed out! Oh no! well, the naughty nurse is there to help! But her idea of helping is to rouse him once again, but this time not to watch his wife's exam, but to fuck the nurse! Meanwhile, Nina is in the other room fucking two doctors - she takes it in the ass and even does double penetration! This turns out to be one hell of a doctor's visit!

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