"Hairy" Mia K Shaves

Released at: April 26, 2015 by 97% Amateurs
Mia K is back with a forest of a puss bush which is the result of 10 weeks of growth and no shaving. It's silky smooth hair and it's dense! It could have been trimmed it and then shaved, but instead there is a 12 minute sequence that shows what it takes to get the kitty back to being bald - quite the transformation. Once she is fully bald, wiped down and ready to go she takes the rest of the session to try out a nice glass dildo. Prior to the shaving portion we have her show off her bush in various outfits. There's some pubic hair pulling, tugging and stroking. She tries on a Budweiser 2 piece (vintage) swimsuit and the hair puffs that out pretty nicely for the bottoms and then a metallic blue micro bikini which does not even come close to covering up the hairy triangle that she sports. Everyone wondered what kind of looks she would have gotten if that was worn to the beach! A little bit of pussy spreading and flexing after she is done shaving and then she goes off to her dildo play. These sessions shows what so many men wonder about. How do you shave the delicate area of a pussy without nicking herself and making a mess EVERYWHERE!!! Mia is 28 and of Italian ancestry and has dark hair and a very fast growth cycle is normal for her. We spotted the possibilities in our prior session and asked if she would grow it out for us. She said she has never had it this long before EVER! She shows off her cute little 34A boobs which she profiles in the early portion of the session. Mia is a very nice petite specimen that is fun from start to finish. She has a great personality and a fabulous sense of humor.

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