HeatherSilk.com: Professional Courtesy

Released at: February 4, 2010 by Urge Alliance
I'm always up to no good; Case In Point! My gym buddy told me about this hot MILF who does home appraisals named Cameron who happens to be a sucker for a nice ass. Well, seeing that I posses one of those I created this little master plan to get her in my grasp. I called her office and set up an appointment. She shows up wearing this adorable business suit looking all professional and all. She really did look delicious! I just love the hunt, it makes the whole thing so much hotter. I left some hot lesbian Porn on my lap top and excused myself for a bit. I walked around the back and in no time my home appraisal professional was extending a whole lot of courtesy my way. By the way, she tasted much better than she looked in that suit.

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