Homegrown Video Presents How To Swing Vol. 1

Released at: February 2, 2015 by Homegrown Video
Kara - New swingers Kara & Kyle enlist J.B. Rodeo to make their swinging fantasies come true! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The fun starts off with Kyle getting a massage to ease any tension he may have before his swinging fantasies come true. Kara, Jessica and Jaime all pitch in to make sure that he is nice and relaxed before he gets handcuffed to the massage chair. With Kyle distracted, Jessica and J.B. tagteam Kara and she absolutely loves it! Jessica really gets into eating Kara's tasty love box and J.B. is eager to get some for himself. "It's really big," she declares as J.B. slowly guides his big black monster inside her. "You like watching your wife over there? You can't fucking have her" Jessica tells Kyle while she furiously jerks him off causing him to spray cum all over the place. Wanting to be part of the action, Jaime sits on Kara's face for some oral satisfaction while J.B. stretches Kara's pussy out. He pounds her pussy hard and in typical J.B. Rodeo fashion he lines up all three girls and drops a load of cum on each of their beautiful round asses! Kara - J.B. & Jessica return with Kara and Kyle & bring newcomer Evelyn Hart to join in the fun! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- J.B. Rodeo and Jessica Rayne return with Kara and Kyle. This time they brought newcomer Evelyn Hart with them to join in on the fun. 21 year-old Evelyn who has never participated in anything like this before. Kyle is in heaven as the three girls suck and lick his cock and balls. The action heats up as Kyle fucks Evelyn and Jessica is fucking Kara with a hard strap-on dildo. Kara swaps it out with a monster rubber dildo of her own. Jessica keeps fucking Kara with the huge dildo while she and Evelyn suck Kyle's cock. Not wanting to be outdone, Kyle goes back to fucking Evelyn as he fingers Kara's pussy. J.B. Rodeo joins the action by fucking Evelyn from behind. Jessica eats Kara's pussy as Kara is sucking Kyle's dick and licks Evelyn's nipples. There are no bystanders here, everyone is busy fucking or sucking! The fun ends when Kyle sprays his load on Kara's belly and J.B. unloads on Evelyn's back. A great time was had by all! Jezebel - Chris interviews young MILFs Jezebel & Darcy, asking questions about swinging! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chris interviews young MILFs Jezebel and Darcy on a bed. They are asked questions about swinging. He shoots them POV style as they start to kiss and lick each other from their pierced nipples to their pink pussies. He starts to get into the mix by getting a deepthroat bj, trading off 3way from natural bush to bald pussy and fucking them missionary and doggie style. They bust out the dildo for some fun and do a little anal fingering as well. The girls give him a double blow job and jerk him to finish him off!

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