Honey Foxxx 5

Released at: August 17, 2016 by Black Trans Whackers
You're home from a hot date with the incredibly gorgeous Honey Foxxx. She's not the kind of girl who usually sleeps with a guy on the first date, but she has something special she wants to show you. Why don't you just sit back and let this Nubian queen dance for you? Her tattooed hands gently caress her curves, as she slips out of her white dress. As it drops below her waist, you notice something delicious poking out from beneath her black thong. You like what you see, so she leans back and strokes her mahogany lady stick for you. She sweetly invites you to suck on her chocolate nipples, then she sternly commands you to get on your knees so she can fuck your mouth. After some hot deep throating action, she lies back on the couch you can be a "good boy" and eat her trans girl pussy. She removes her high heels, and you stick your tongue between each mesmerizing toe. Then, she grinds every inch of her throbbing member back into your mouth, and you can feel it growing even harder. You love big, black trans girl cock in your mouth, don't you? Finally, she lets you stick it in and fuck her tight ass from behind. She rides your man meat harder and harder, as your balls slam against her ass. Just when you can hardly stand it any longer, Honey lies back and jerks out a sticky surprise all over her stomach. And she wants you to lick up every drop.

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