I Knew I Could Beat You

Released at: February 4, 2010 by Joan Wise Productions
Not one, but two more dynamite wildcats go to war, and only one sexy lady will triumph. Wet and wild, are stunning brunette Alexis and her equally turn-on opponent, blonde and beautiful Amber. First in garter belts and stockings, and then down to magnificent young nude bodies, as each gives as good as she takes. Two hot fighting ladies in an awesome display of wrestling, fighting, breast to breast, and crotch to crotch action. Add tight schoolboy pins, breast smothers, and a devastating head scissors submission followed by sexy eroticism and domination, and even some face sitting and kissing, and you have a mind blowing video. You will yearn for more of Alexis and Amber.

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Scene2: 00:18:21 - 00:34:01 (15:40)