I Like It When You're Bound And Gagged

Released at: October 21, 2006 by Men In Bondage
The Adventures of Atomic Man continues with its next installment. In this chapter, Atomic Man finds himself bound to a post and ballgagged while his captors, MacKenzie and Summer, decide to do with him next. The main feature begins with Miles as a cowboy singer who is bound and tape gagged by one of his biggest fans (Chantel Osmond). When Chantel steals Miles boots we don't know if it's because of her love of his footwear or her interest in seeing a barefoot and bound cowboy! Luke is awakened by robbers (Jamie Ann Martin and her male accomplice) with shotguns. He is subdued with rope and tape and has to think quick to avoid having anything disastrous happening to him! Karel is a big-headed escape artist who challenges Roxanne Chadwick to bind and gag him. She takes the bet securing him with rope, chains and tape so he is totally trussed up. Guess who ends up eating his words? Nino is suspicious of his beautiful wife Molly Matthews. He thinks she is having an affair. Little does he realize that the affair is not with a man, but with her best girlfriend - Anna Mills. He finds out soon enough though as the girls tie him up, tape gag him and make him watch while they kiss and make-out together. Brett is a rich banker who gets the date of his life with Summer Long. He doesn't realize until it is too late that it was all a big scam which leads to him being stripped to his underwear, tied spread-eagle and gagged. When the ransom comes in he will get his release, but not a moment before. Matt is a substitute teacher who has to watch over the students in detention. Fantasia, the school flirt, tricks the teacher into being tied and gagged. If that isn't humiliation enough, Fantasia pulls down Matt's pants so that the rest of the students will see him bound and gagged.

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