I'm Always Here For You Sweetie

Released at: September 30, 2022 by Girlsway
Synopsis:Natasha Nice is impressed to find out her stepdaughter Eliza Eves is organizing a fundraiser to help raise money for new history textbooks that celebrate women's achievements. A few weeks later, Eliza arrives home and excitedly shows the new textbook to Natasha, who is tremendously proud of her. Natasha gushes over Eliza- she'll show her just how proud she really is! Kayla Paige welcomes her stepdaughter, Chloe Cherry, who will be staying with her. Kayla is looking forward to having lots of fun with her, however Chloe seems withdrawn. Chloe reveals that her girlfriend recently broke up with her and that she feels undesired. Kayla, desperate to improve her mood, assures Chloe that she's very desirable. She kisses Chloe then licks at her pussy. She'll give Chloe lots of love and attention! Sofie Marie is relaxing on the couch when her stepdaughter, Athena Faris, who recently moved out, arrives with a suitcase. She admits that she wasn't getting along with her roommate and begs to be allowed to move back home, but Sofie refuses. Athena, becoming desperate, offers to have SEX with Sofie. Sofie is surprised, but she goes along with it. Looks like Athena is definitely welcome home!

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