I Scream Girls.Com #2

Released at: March 31, 2015 by Evasive Angles
I Scream Man strikes again picking up the sweetest white teens on the playground! Cute Marina is hungry and she is all the way from Russia! It's an easy score she's hot n she wants to suck on something big. It's a fair trade big tits n tight young pussy for an ice cream she gets fucked hard in the back of the truck n a big load on her face! Next in line is Brooklyn. Wow, she is in trouble it's a training day for the I Scream Man and his new recruits are on the prowl for little white pussy when they find her skipping down the road unknowingly she skips right into the fuck truck and both dicks dive into her succulent pussy they both cum big loads on her face. Lets not forget about the cutest little thang Trinity standing 4ft. 11 inches and one look u will blow a load n when she gets Charlie's 12 inch deep inside her, she screams so loud the paramedics heard her! Plus the gorgeous redhead Lilith Lust's big tits, fat pussy n a big butt what a babe!

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