I Swallow 20

Released at: January 11, 2010 by Rodney Moore
**First Swallow:** Angel has never swallowed cum, even in her personal life. But she's willing to try. After sucking and drooling up a storm on Rodney's cock, she takes him in several positions, making sure he works up a big load. Then she opens wide for a big, gooey mouthful. Does she swallow? You be the judge. **Britni's Blotches:** With blotches on her legs, Britni visits skin doc Kyle. He's too busy to see her, but she keeps showing him more and more skin till he finally gives her a very thorough exam right in the waiting room! ** Change Cans:** On the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, Rodney has no change newspaper. Sexy, cut Anna can't help him with coins, but she invites him back to her room for a better kind of change: She changes clothes, revealing incredible, naturally huge boobs. She sucks his cock and he creams her face. **Shock Treatment:** Locked out of her car, businesswomen Kelli calls locksmith Rodney. Trying to teach her never to leave her keys in the car, he gives her something shocking to remember the incident by. He shows her how hard her sexy legs make his cock, but she's not too shocked to give him a nasty b.j. **More Meat:** With her outdoor grill fired up, Christi run out of meat. No problem, she calls for home delivery. Rodney brings over a nice sausage, which the hungry girl tenderizes with her mouth!

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