Innocence: Baby Blue

Released at: June 29, 2004 by Ninn Worx
Reaching now a half-dozen episodes with the Innocence line, the Ninn Worx team has figured out what most of us knew from early in our own youth: The concept of "innocence" remains a relative term. The savvy XXX aficionado will certainly recognize the players in this installment as relatively new, perhaps never-before seen. The savvy XXX aficionado will also certainly notice how even the inexperienced preen for Michael Ninn's camera. Even those new to the XXX scene, however, will be able to pick up on the "heat of the moment" volcanically displayed in Baby Blue. Even those new to the XXX scene will recognize that Michael has a special way with youthfully ambitious talent. Maybe this ability to showcase the veteran (in other productions) and the novice (in this particular line) is what makes Michael truly a XXX enigma. Of course, maybe it's just that Michael basically just understands sexy...This is a good thing.

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