It's So Wrong

Released at: July 7, 2022 by MissaX
Stepsister, Sally (Abbie Maley), stumbles into her stepbrother, Aaron's (Dante Colle), room after a night of partying, thinking it's hers. He wants her to go to her room but asks if she can just rest in his room instead. She tells him that she loves him and wishes he could be her boyfriend and blissfully crashes on top of him as he says "me too." The next morning and they find themselves in bed together as Sally thanks him for sharing his bed with her. Her night, besides her typical party antics, was uneventful. Aaron leaves her so she can go back to her nap, but later on finds her weeping in the living room. She's having a breakdown of sorts because she thinks she is unattractive and reiterates the fact that he is the perfect guy for her if only they weren't step siblings. She gives him a sensual kiss, leaving him confused, as she leaves for a run and begins to plot. She comes to visit him again while he is relaxing in his bed. Continuing to flirt with him as she finally blurts out that she has a crush on him. Aaron then responds that he wants to kiss her again and asks if she feels the same and she responds with another kiss and saying that it probably shouldn't happen again. She leaves again and comes back later to continue the flirtation and seduction as they play "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" as Aaron shows off his package and then feels Sally's chest before they start to make out again. Sally speeds up after this as she devours his cock with her mouth. He then eats her out as she sits on his fact as she continues to play with him and then rims his ass before climbing on him in cowgirl. Doggy and spooning follows leading to missionary: creampie and an additional cum shot into her wanting mouth.

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