Jade Rose

Released at: February 18, 2016 by Rodney Moore Clips
"Not the Best Choice for Sex Addict Counselor" Jadeshows up at at SA meeting, hoping to cure her crazed compulsion to suck cock. She's the first one there, soSexAddicts counselor Rodney offers her some one on one therapy. She explains she is obsessed withsucking dick24/7 and it's become impossible for her to keep a boyfriend since she usually can't help but offer strange men on the streetblowjobsin alleyways.Rodneyasks her if she's craving cock right now, and she says always. He tells her best to get it out of her system so they can get on with her therapy, so it's down on her knees and hishard cockinto her mouth, untilshe swallowshis stuff.

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