Jamie French 3

Released at: May 15, 2015 by Transational Fantasies
Watch hot blonde trans woman Jamie French do a sexy, seductive dance for you. She whips out her big juicy titties and slithers her ass up and down the pole. Before long she's got her own rock hard pole out. After the show is over, she tells you you're her favorite customer and since no one else is around, she begs you to suck her big cock. You've got her feeling so horny, pre-cum is oozing out of her trans girl clit. She lifts her legs in the air 'cause she wants you to fill her tight pussy up with your dick. Since you've given her such great head, she wants to return the favor by sucking on your cock. You make a huge creamy mess all over her face and tits. Then she strokes her cock until she goos up her glasses as well. There's so much jizz dripping off her face, but there's a little left for you to clean up!

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