Janeen Out Muscles Her Intruder

Released at: May 16, 2015 by Iron Belles
Janeen is pissed off at someone she doesn't know sunning inside her pool cage. She comes storming in and yells at this stranger, throws him in the pool and when he tries to get out she keeps kicking him back in. Finally she decides to let him out and headlocks him and carries him into her home to her wrestling mats for further punishment. Watch as she totally dominates him, lifting and carrying him around, tying him up in wrestling holds. She is very good at this and her anger just helps to burn her steam. Not to mention that she is 12 days out of a competition in bodybuilding so she is very lean and very mean due to 365 days of rigid dieting. She is just burning to do some damage here! Janeen is crazed now with her intruder as she thrashes and abuses him on the mats. She twists his body in all kinds of crazy positions. She lifts and carries him around, then throws him back down on the mats, steps all over him, she takes off her top and shorts and wraps her top around his neck for more punishment. She is lean, mean and one hot muscle package! He tells her he just wants to worship her muscles and Janeen allows him to touch her muscles and punch her hard chiseled abdominals. What an awesome package of beauty and brawn she is! He challenges her to an arm wrestling contest... best out of 3 rounds. Well what a whimp he is! She touches him down over and over again! Finally she is tired of his shit and kicks him out to pasture. Then throws her fans a very most muscular shots before bidding adieu!

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