Jasmine Jacobs

Released at: May 26, 2017 by Transational Fantasies
Pierced redhead Jasmine Jacobs would love to spend a lazy day in bed at home with you. Lazy for her at least. She wants to lie back and let you do all the hard work. That's because this submissive cutie loves to be bound and gagged. Her biggest fantasy is to be hogtied during a bukkake scene where 20 guys and girls cum all over. She also loves giving blowjobs, so it looks like you'll be getting some afternoon delight yourself. This one time when it was snowing in Montana she gave this guy she just met road head on the top of a mountain. He came really hard in her mouth, and she swallowed all of it. Just thinking about sex gets Jasmine turned on, so she begins to lightly touch and caress herself. Her soft pink balls poke out the side of her panties and peak out beneath her dress. Her cute little moans excite you as her lady nuts bounce up and down with each stroke. Her beautiful cock grows nice and big for you before she is restrained and suspended in a kinky BDSM device. Her beautiful red locks hang down as she struggles to free herself. "Are you going to punish me? I hope you punish me!" she pleads. Now, completely upside down, her cock and balls hang helplessly above her head. Being the good Master that you are, you finally free her and let her play using a Hitachi wand massager with a clear cock sleeve attachment. She sends the vibrating pulses up and down on her lady stick until she squeezes out a sticky, wet mess out her throbbing red tip.

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