Jerky Sluts 3

Released at: August 25, 2014 by Blazed Studios
These young cock cadets are ready, willing and more than able to prove they've got what it takes to complete this kinky crew. Forget about the poop deck! These babes are calling all hands on dick to grip and jerk these studs to swab the decks with semen! Ashton Monroe is a sexy 19yr old who knows what you want. She teases first and then strips down showing off her tight little body. She grabs the lube and rubs it all over your cock smiling with a giggle as she makes it all shiny. "You know how much I have to jerk your dick" she says. Leaning across your legs with her ass in the air she strokes your dick. Getting turned on she leans back and tells you "I'm getting so wet you're not the only one that's going to get off." Ashton spreads her legs and sticks her fingers in her tight young pussy masturbating while she milks your cock. She gets her rhythm going on her clit and moans in between asking if you're enjoying what she's doing. Ashton tightens her grip when she feels your start to swell and increases her speed. "Are you ready to cum for me?" she asks. You answer by a groan and shooting a stream upward and oozing your jizz all over her hand. "That's a good boy. Maybe next time you can cum on my face" ChiChi shows she can hula hoop on skates and after some roller fun she shows you how much she like to jerk a cock. While still wearing her skates ChiChi stokes and jerks your dick until you shoot a huge load in the air almost hitting yourself in the face. Not know who or what he is Rebecca sat down next to the strange looking creature with his cock hanging out and began to jerk his penis. Not a word was spoken nor did it need to be. Communication was done through touch and sound. He couldn't see Rebecca he could only hear her moans and the sound of her jerking his cock. She jerks faster when she feels him start to swell and he EXPLODES with stream after stream giving her a HUGE CUMSHOT all over her face!!! Sadie does a weekly Sybian show for her website members. She's in the middle of broadcasting when her sex toy stops working. She panics and calls the company asking for an emergency repairman. She no more hangs up the phone when there's a knock at the door. Sadie has no idea her repairman is hiding from the DEA and is working this gig for cash. Walter takes a look at her machine and sees that it's just a loose plug but tells her it's a $175 part. Sadie explains she doesn't have the money but needs her machine to work. He grins and says he has an idea. Walter rubs his dick and asks Sadie if she'd pay for it another way. He offers to "fix" her Sybian for a hand job while she rides it. She takes things in to her hands and unknown to Walter, continues with her show. Sadie switches back and forth between orgasms on her sex machine and jerking his cock. When the Sybian gets turned up on high, Sadie squirts all over the place and grabs Walter's dick with both hands milking his cum out all over her tits. Walter tells Sadie to call him if her Sybian starts Breaking Bad...

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