Josephine James

Released at: May 15, 2015 by Rodney Moore Clips
**"New Girl Goo "** featuring Josephine James & Rodney Moore - Rodney's interviewing a new girl today, Josephine James. She's never done a video before but she LOVES giving blow jobs. Good news for Rodney, she also loves having her pussy and ass licked. Rodney has her get on her knees right away and she doesn't hesitate to start sucking his schlong. She gently teases the head with her lips before taking his cock deep down her throat. Of course Rodney loves it when she works up a healthy batch ofdrool. She's not afraid to do some serious ball licking as well. Rodney takes a moment to do some licking him self, getting a yummy taste of her pussy and butt. She sucks his dick and licks his sack some more. Finally, he tea-bags her until he spews all over her face.

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