Ju Osmark

Released at: December 28, 2016 by Brazilian Trans Girls
Amazonian goddess Ju Osmark is just whom you need to keep you warm during these cold winter nights. Things are already heating up when she greets you and is wearing nothing but a string bikini and heels. No need for pretense, as you let your eyes freely scan her from head to toe. She's got silky black hair, soft tan skin, and a nice round tush that she is not too shy to show off. She quickly bends over and smacks her toned rump teasingly. Wouldn't you like to teach this secret bad girl a lesson? Next, she slips her skimpy top to the sides and rubs her perfectly round areolas, trying to lick her nipples. Bending over the Jacuzzi, she spreads her ass cheeks wide, spanking and jiggling them. The hot water is already drawn, all that is missing is you! Wearing nothing but black stilettos now, she massages her perky breasts and works her hands gently down toward her lady love stick. As she works the shaft and squeezes the balls, it grows. You want to wrap your lips around her throbbing pink head and give her a tongue bath of your own. Spreading her legs wide, her fingers work their way down to her trans girl pussy. She alternates between flicking her big dick and rubbing saliva into her hungry ass hole. Moaning and breathing deeply, Ju leans against the tub and tugs her cock until she squirts out a messy load of white, gooey cum. Won't you help her clean it up with your mouth?

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