Kamille Amora

Released at: May 15, 2015 by Rodney Moore Clips
**"Big Tittie Trouble "** featuring Kamille Amora & Rodney Moore - Kamille comes to Rodney's to audition as a new stripper. She's got huge double I boobs. While she gives Rodney a smile of her stripping, she grabs one of her monstrous melons by both hands and kisses her own nipple. Rodney's certainly impressed by what he sees and tells her she can start next week. But she's eager to "assist" the boss right now. Rodney's a true professional though, and it would not be appropriate for him to have sexual relations with an employee. What an insult! Kamille thinks Rodney doesn't want to touch her big beautiful tits and she wants to leave. Looks like the only way to get her to stay is if Rodney fondles her giant ta-tas. Of course this gets Rodney hard. And just to prove to her that she really is turning him on, he whips out is hard cock for her. Rodney is stunned when she immediately startssucking on it. Even though he knows he ought not to be doing this, he succumbs and lets her continue her blow job. She wraps her tits around his balls and shakes them. Rodney still needs to prove how much he wants to bang her so he rams his rod into her readypussy. He fucks her hard as her giant juggs jiggle wildy. He buries his face in her rear before ramming her doggie-style. Then she plops her ample body down on his face smothering him with her gorgeous curves. Afterwards, Rodney continues to pound her twat hard until he coats one of her humongous tits with his cream.

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