Kasie's Connection - Ultimate Fight

Released at: September 30, 2014 by Iron Belles
Ok Ladies, Kasie is going to show you the proper way to subdue your man! As far as a motive you don't really need one, let's just say when his mouth is just running...kicks, strikes and punches gets him to the ground. Once you have him down the fun really begins. Humiliating as all hell, Paul has to endure Kasie's muscular legs wrapped around his head in a few scissor moves before she makes him suck her toes! Before long, it's time for the coup de grace, the face-sit. It's every woman's ultimate "FUCK YOU" to the man she wants to put in place. Just slide on up and find his mouth and nose, it's no longer belongs to him, you own it. Start slow build speed, pull it back then speed up again. Put your clit on his nose, there is nothing he can do about it. If he protests remind him of your scissors. Quickly spin around for the reverse face-sit, the back of your pussy can seal his mouth while your asshole finds his nose, now settle in and grind away.

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