Lady Leigh

Released at: May 15, 2015 by Rodney Moore Clips
**"BBW Body Barter"** featuring Lady Leigh - BBW Lady Leigh has come to Rodney for some tutoring based on a friend's recommendation. But Rodney gave her friend a much cheaper rate than the $100/ hour he is quoting her. He explains that was because he worked out a special deal with her friend. She let him fondle her boobs! Well that is ok with Leigh so she lets him grope her giant tits. Rodney then says that her friend let him see her naked. Leigh is anxious to do well in college so she strips down revealing hergorgeous curves. But her friend got such an amazing rate by sucking Rodney's cock of course. Leigh is hesitant at first but after getting a taste of his schlong, she opens up and takes it down her throat. She sucks eagerly at his rod getting it nice and wet. Rodney can't help himself but to bury his cock in all that tummy fat and start banging away at her belly button. Turns out Leigh is prettykinky after all. Not only does she suck his cock and lick his balls, she even agrees to suck on his toes. In the end, Rodney coats her whole, huge body with his cream.

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