Lay Down And Relax

Released at: January 9, 2020 by Fantasy Massage
Casey Calvert oils Rachael Cavalli up and begins the massage, noticing that she is very tense. She knows she told Casey that she was interested in the massage, and that's why she asked her about the oil, but that was a white lie. Although Sovereign Syre is reluctant to disrobe in front of Aidra Fox at first, she does after some encouragement. Aidra butters her up with compliments while massaging her, showing Sovereign new techniques. After their hike, Harmony Wonder starts first with massaging Cecilia Lion's tense shoulders, then works her way down to her back. Once they're in the bedroom, Cecilia removes her shirt, with Harmony getting flustered at the sight of her breasts. Joanna Angel and Romi Rain, two friends and coworkers, are enjoying each other's company. Ever since they got their promotions, they haven't been able to make time to just hang out. But today, they're going to catch up while relaxing as much as possible.

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