Leah Jaynes World

Released at: November 11, 2020 by MelonJuggler Productions
Leah Jayne's World is a place full of big cocks and endless loads of cum. So with that said, what else do you think is going to happen in a place filled with big tits and pussy? A place where plump asses, plentiful bodies and bodacious ta-tas reign supreme. Leah Jayne and her sexy gal pals are some of the horniest BBWs on the planet and are up for anything when it comes to getting laid. Leah Jayne finds herself broke and down on her luck so when the landlord comes knocking looking for his rent her easiest solution is to go down on his BBC. Leah's friend, Busty Cookie, gets herself some white meat and a load of creamy cum on her ample black breasts. Aliee Waters gets double the cocks and twice the cum on her face. Leah Jayne then feverishly fucks her girlfriend Dani Armour with a strap-on that reminds her of the cock she loves inside herself. Greedy girl Lucy doesn't like to share with her gal pals and so when she gets offered two cocks she decides to take them both. Lastly, Honey Rox, always the dirty cumslut, finds herself getting a load of cum in her filthy mouth. Leah Jayne and her horny friends cannot exist in a world without dick. Thankfully, the world is full of horny men willing to rock Leah Jayne's World!

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Honey Rox