Lick It Good 9

Released at: August 2, 2022 by Reality Kings
Shower Hog: Cleo Clementine is a true beauty. With luscious red locks, lovely titties, and an adorable face, she's really got it all. She's great for the beholder, but not so much for her cute blue-haired roomie, Jewelz Blu, because Cleo takes forever in the shower, getting steamed up and sudsy under the running water. But that's not why she's taking so long. She's taking so long because she's masturbating, with her ass pressed up against the glass door. When Jewelz gets sick of waiting for Cleo to finish up, she barges in, and when she sees Cleo's ass pressed against the glass, she puts her hand down her panties and starts playing with her pussy, too. Cloe realizes she's not alone and pulls Jewelz into the shower for a wet, steamy, and soap fuck session! Throw Shade: What do they say about sexiness? Leave something to the imagination. Most of the time, I'd call bull. But in this scene, there is something undeniably hot about seeing just the shadows of beautiful brunettes Desiree Dulce and Gianna Dior as they show off their beautiful curves. And finally, just when you think you can't take one more second of seeing it without really seeing it, the girls in full form enter the screen ? Gianna in a cute little cat outfit and Desiree dressed as a she-devil. Gianna gets eaten out by Desiree while blindfolded, and it all leads up to a grand scissoring finale. Throwing shade? More like throwing down. The Girls Are Back In Town: Yeah, that's right! You're seeing Karlee and Keisha Grey together again! Karlee Grey is a friendly little, big-tittied sweetheart. Her, paired with the sultry, tattooed, and sassy Keisha Grey can only be described as absolute fire. These dark-haired babes get soapy and wet in the bathtub, wearing itty bitty bikinis, and tease the cameras with their mouth-watering bodies. They rub their slippery titties together, sucking, biting, and playing with each other's nipples until Karlee spreads her gorgeous legs wide and Keisha gets her face right into Karlee's pussy, licking and sucking her clit. They fuck with intensity, even throwing a pink dildo into the mix. Who knew bath time could be so fun? Or sexy? You've missed them, and now they're back and better than ever! She Can't Resist: Talia Mint is a stunning brunette that the camera just loves. But in this scene, she gets behind the lens to photograph the fit hottie Baby Nicols. When Baby sweetly tells Talia that she would make a great model, Talia shyly explains that the camera makes her too nervous. So Baby has a plan to get Talia more comfortable. Using her hands as a "camera," she shows Talia how she can strike sexy and irresistible poses. But soon enough, these European babes are kissing, and Talia's hand is on Baby's round ass. They fuck in the studio with lots of passionate faces sitting, licking, and scissoring. To get comfortable in front of the camera, you must first get comfortable in front of the photographer! Shower Sweets: Two sexy blonde European ladies in lingerie, enjoying the warmth of running water in the shower? Could it get any hotter? Amaris and Polina enjoy each other's sweet, sweet company as they soak each other with water. But the shower isn't the only thing that's getting these beauties wet! Polina gets on her knees licks Amaris all over ? from her ass to her tits to her tummy, and then it's Amaris' turn to do the licking! Sensual and lovely, they soap each other up before moving to the couch. From there, get ready for tons of pussy licking, scissoring, and fingering.

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