Lingerie Girls Loving Themselves

Released at: March 2, 2015 by 7th Street Media
Girls in stockings. Girls in lingerie and each girl with a nice dildo to play with. Brooke starts us off, with her sexy, two-toned hair and her little blue toy bullet that she rubs all over her clit. Next is Karmella, a sexy brunette in sexy pink lingerie with a hot, pink dildo to match her hot pink pussy lips. Mandy Moore, a seductive, black haired, beauty, takes her act on the couch as she has a nice dildo to match her lingerie, too. Brooke Shine, a sexy, big tit brunette, is having a hard time staying on the couch as she inserts, rubs and sucks her grey, studded toy. Last we have Sandra Syn, all sweet and sexy in her lingerie and in bed with nothing more than a sweet lollipop.

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Sandra Syn