Love, etc.

Released at: May 17, 2021 by DORCEL (French)
Is Love Forever Ryan and Giulia Lov are celebrating the fifth anniversary of their meeting today. What better day to propose to your girlfriend? At least that's what Ryan thought and he can't help but want to share his happiness with everyone. But what if the others know something he doesn't? On his side, Luke Hardy has a very busy schedule. It must be said that for a surgeon like him, the moments of break and relaxation are rather rare. Fortunately he can count on his girlfriend Alyssa Divine to cheer him up after his long nights on guard. The young woman knows all the techniques of relaxation and relaxation allowing to satisfy a man in any circumstance. After a restorative coffee, what could be better than a passionate sex session in the kitchen to start the day well? APPEARANCES CAN BE DECEIVING Mailyne is a saleswoman in a clothing store but her professional activity goes far beyond that. Today she also plays the role of dominatrix for Pascal White, one of her regular customers. Nothing excites him more than hearing the young woman tell him what to do with Amber Jayne, his wife. This beautiful blonde with the pulpy chest only waits for one thing, that her husband makes love to her again as in the first day. Dressed in a latex outfit bought for the occasion, she lets her husband caress her and then lick her before he takes her without mercy. Although he is in couple with Alyssa, Luke attracts the glance of all the women whom he crosses, especially when he makes his morning jog shirtless in the park. This morning, it is the pretty Tina Kay who is entitled to his favors. Sporty, she likes to do her gym and yoga session outside. This is the best excuse in the world to have a good time with the seductive doctor. Here, no preliminaries except a good fellatio before she asks him to sodomize her deeply on a bench. Which man could have refused her such a request? AND IF HAPPINESS WAS ELSEWHERE? After a long day at the store, Ryan finally goes home. Thinking he's alone when he arrives, he discovers with surprise that his future wife is back before him and above all, that she's not alone. Her moans of pleasure leave no doubt about what she is doing. It seems that her boss is very fond of her generous curves and her desire soaked orifices. This explains his reaction when Ryan proposed to her. Completely downcast, Ryan discovers that everyone around him knew about his ex-wife-to-be's extra-marital antics. Ryan decides to confide in his best friend Alyssa and learns at the same time that Luke is not a faithful man either. In spite of a seemingly well-ordered life, the pretty Mailyne is not less an adept of sexual pleasures. Of course, she totally assumes her role of dominatrix on the phone but she never says no when she meets a man she likes. Today, it is the lucky Max Deeds who will have the favors of the young woman. While she shows him all the extent of her knowledge in sex, Ryan and Alyssa take advantage of it to get closer and try to forget their respective love troubles.

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