Marie Missouri

Released at: May 15, 2015 by Rodney Moore Clips
**"Secretly Submissive "** featuring Marie Missouri & Rodney Moore - Rodney comes to the office of MILF hottie Marie Missouri. He's here to see about replacing her hardwood floors. But when she looks in his bag supposedly for flooring samples, what she finds instead are some interesting and very naughty looking toys! Seems Rodney grabbed the bag for the BDS&M party by mistake. Marie is intrigued and asks Rodney to show her how they work. Rodney his more than happy to show her the ropes. He starts to spank her ample booty with one of the floggers. Then he moves on to one of the paddles. The more he spanks her butt, the more turned on she gets. She admits to being secretly submissive so when Rodney orders her on her knees, she's thrilled to oblige. She starts sucking his cock, faithfully submitting to any orders he commands, she gobbles his rod and licks his balls. Then he fucks her feet 'til he spews his load all over her face. She sits back at her desk and continues working with goo still dripping off her chin.

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