Marilyn and the Senator

Released at: November 10, 2018 by Peekarama
Carlos Tobalina was one of the most prolific, X rated filmmakeres of the 1970's and 80's directing upwards of 50 feature films, and ~~Marilyn~~ ranks as one of his most outrageous endeavors. William Margold stars as 'The Senator,' who, despite being married, agrees to impregnate a beautiful CIA agent. As complications ensue with the senator's ability to 'perform', his wife and associates become increasingly suspicious of his affairs, resulting in a myriad of bizzare plot twists and revelations. Co-starring Serena, Sharon Thorpe, Dominique St Clair, as well as a cameo from John Waters star Liz Renay, ~~Marilyn And The Senator~~ is coming to home video for the first time in it's full length director's cut, scanned from the 35mm camera negatives.

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