Master Sessions - Master Dayhan & Dea - Master Loki & Skarlett

Released at: August 29, 2017 by Inflagranti Film Berlin
Inflagranti Film Berlin presents "Master Sessions", this time with sexy submissive amateurs Dea and Skarlett. They had no idea what they were about to experience. One can almost feel the tremble in Dea's breaths while she's wearing blindfold and at the same time Master Dayhan touches her pussy with his cane. Dea wouldn't have thought that it would be such an agony to get her pussy vacuumed after some hot wax on it. She now knows what it's like to get spanked like a horse. Almost same goes to Skarlett, only she has to bear all the agony while gracefully keeping roses on her back and not letting them fall. If she fails, god knows what Master Loki is capable of doing to her!

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