#Mature Vol. 1

Released at: November 11, 2022 by SHAUNDAMXXX
Scene 1: Sally D'Angelo and Shaundam- Sally's husband was out of town, So the first chance she got she was looking for some young BBC to fill her hungry pussy. She had her eye on the handyman and she talked him into giving her his big black cock. Scene 2: Andi James and Shaundam- Shaundam has been working hard all day in the Las Vegas heat and just wanted to relax, so Andi came up with the perfect idea to help him and his Big Black Cock to relax. Scene 3: Lily Lark and Shaundam- Shaundam had a little to much to drink and had to stay at his friends house for the night. The following day Shaundam's friends wife comes to wake him up but gives him a different kind of wake up call. Scene 4: Leilani Lei, Nola Rogue and Shaundam- Two married females looking for a home away from home decided to rent a room in Shaundam's luxury mansion. Were they friends or lovers? Shaundam had no idea all he knew was they were hot and ready to rent or so he thought.

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