Mean Girls Vol. 2 - Mother Daughter

Released at: November 6, 2013 by Mean Girls Studios
Mom, Meet My SLAVES! Ok, My mom has known about Me doing porn for awhile, and she was totally cool with it. But when I told her about this "fetish" stuff and that I actually own SLAVES now...she didn't believe Me. She didn't think that people would really voluntarily be SLAVES for other people in real life. She was actually a little worried about Me! LOL! So I told her to come on out to visit and I would show her My new life as a fucking GODDESS! :) And I decided to have 3 of My slaves there to greet her so I could show off a little bit! :) I made on of them film the whole thing so you losers could PAY to watch Me introduce My mom to the joys of slave ownership! LOL! I even make one of My slaves serve as a mule to carry my mom around throughout the house so she didn't have to walk around this huge mansion on her own two feet! HAHAHA!!! You NEED to download this clip, SLAVES! And My mom wants some of her own now too now that she sees how I'm living like a Queen off the back of "slave labor"! LOL! Worship My Mom's FEET! So after showing off to My mom how I use men as My SLAVES now, I HAD to show off and show her how they literally fucking WORSHIP Me as a GOD while I sit on the THRONE that I have in My house! :) I make them bow down and shine My shoes with thei TONGUES at the snap of My fingers - one tongue for each shoe - right in front of My mom! She is blown away! I even explain to her how I make them do this when I am all dressed up, right before I walk out the door to go on dates...SOOO empowering! And My mom thinks its hilarious... So I have to let her experience it for herself! My mom sits on the throne and I command My slaves to worship My mom! LOL! She gets her shoes shined my slave tongues for the first time and she is totally laughing her ass off at how pathetic My slaves are for Me. Then I make them take her pumps off and worship her sweaty feet! I explain to her that these foot-losers fucking LOVE it, so the sweatier, the better- it's like a drug to them... And My mom is a total natural at bossing this bitches around and being worshipped- that must be where I get it! LOL! - My Mom's First Human Ashtray! It keeps getting better for My mom. First she was amazed by the huge house that they pay for for Me, then she had fun kicking My slaves in the balls and having her feet worshipped by them, and now we are going outside for a smokebreak- and I show off by letting her use one of My worthless slaves as a HUMAN ASHTRAY! :) She is SHOCKED that she can actually just casually ash her cigarette into someone else's mouth- and they just let her! HAHAHA!!! She thinks its awesome and I explain to her about how I feel it's better for the environment. I even tell her about the parties I have with My girlfriends where I station slaves around the backyard with their mouths open so all My GFs can ash their cigarettes in them and dispose of their butts into their mouths! LOL! (ALWAYS a hit with My friends, btw!) ;) And of course I have to make sure My mom completely disposes the butt into My slaves mouth and make him swallow it so she can see the power I have over these SLAVES. I even take a picture of it with My iPhone so I can tweet it out to My friends. My mom just poses with her butt singeing the slaves tongue and laughs...I love her!! :) Foot-Slapping Fun With Mom! This is SOOO funny. My mom is back to tease My slaves again- she loves it! And she has some frustrations to take out- so why not use her daughter's slaves?? LOL! In this clip I introduce her to the joys of slapping slaves right across the face to assert your dominance over them and remind them of their place. She LOVED it! After taking turns slapping one of My slaves across the face as hard as we want, we take it to the next level to remind it of how BENEATH US it is- we slap it across the face...with OUR FEET!! HAHAHA!!!! And we slap it HARD- until eventually the big slave finally gets at our feet. Me an My mom just laugh and walk off...LOL! My mom is so fuckin awesome... :) My Mom Helps Me BELT One Of My Slaves! This was filmed right after our face/foot-slapping video. I called in one of My OTHER slaves...(I have so and make him get down on all fours like the DOGG that he is- just so Me an My mom can go to town on him and lay into him with big, thick BELTS while we LAUGH at how pathetic he is! My mom still can't believe that she can just BEAT on another person like this and they HAVE to just let her do it as much as she wants- and they even have to THANK her for it! LOL! She thinks its hilarious & LOVES it! I explain to her (and the slave) in the video WHY it is being beaten so badly though...can you believe it only turned over half of it's income to Me this month??!? How DARE it! It is a SLAVE! And it's income belongs to ME! I think I am being GENEROUS because I only demand 90% of its income! It is lucky I even allow it to keep enough to eat! So it needed to be beaten. And My mom is more than willing to help! :) Any more slaves out there that want to take beatings or submit their income to ME so Me n My mom can live the lifestyle we DESERVE??? HAHAHA...I think My mom is starting to want slaves of her own now... My Mom Learns About FACESITTING! This is hilarious- I totally teach My mom about facesitting! She has obviously never heard of using another person's FACE as a SEAT, but she is SO cool she is willing to give it a try! And she does it in her JEANS too! LOL!!! So it had to totally hurt the slave's face...but we don't care. I have gotten it across to My mom that these slaves aren't like real "people" and if you hurt them or cut off their oxygen, it's totally ok, Because they are just slaves- and that is what they are for! :) My BallBusting Mom! So I decided to show My mom one of My FAVORITE activities to do with slaves- busting them in the BALLS! LOL! (Download "mom, Meet My SLAVES" if you haven't already! It shows you how I introduced My mom to all this!!) I explain to her how they fucking sacrifice their BALLS up to Me just so I can kick them as hard as I want up into their stomachs for My clips! I make all the $$$ and they get NOTHING...except some aching balls and MAYBE a few kisses on MY perfect feet- IF they're lucky and I'm feeling She can't believe it- so I decide to show off. :) I start off in My pointed-toe boots so I don't hurt My precious little perfect foot. LOL. I even make my slave bow down and kiss My boots and BEG Me to kick it's nuts so My mom can see how pathetic it is and that it DESERVES to be kicked in the nuts while we laugh at it! I explain to her that they will do ANYTHING to please Me... My mom even joins in the fun! LOL! She kicks My slave a bunch of times as hard as she wants and we both laugh our asses off as it just spreads its legs and TAKES it for us! HAHAHA!!! My mom can't believe I make $$$ off of this...she thinks its hilarious. But I REALLY want to show off to her how bad I can treat this piece of shitt and how OBEDIENT it is to Me! So I break out some new BALLBUSTIN SPIKED SHOES that another slave sent Me! HAHAHA...My slave literally TREMBLES when I pull these out. They are COVERED in METAL SPIKES- and BIGGER, SHARPER ones than I have ever used on it before! It is terrified. But I make his ass put them on My feet for Me and kiss My feet and BEG for it in front of My mom! I ask him if he would rather go back into his cage...or keep getting kicked in the NUTS by Me and My mom...and he literally THROWS himself at My feet in front of My mom and BEGS for MORE! Just so he can stay in MY presence a little longer...My mom is so impressed. :) Then I proceed to lay into its nuts as HARD as I can! This is probably My most harsh ballbusting video yet.

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