Midnight Muscle Girlz Magic

Released at: November 4, 2022 by Iron Belles
Take a Midnight Hot Tub encounter with two reunited Muscle Girlz. . . Carmella Cureton and Debra D'Andrea . . . known as Gym Babes and whom have not been together in at least 5 years. Their reunion is mind blasting and exploding passion between these two that we are sure will not want to miss. Watch as they walk slowly to the hot tub caressing each other and then start stripping each other down to the buff and still cannot keep their hands off each other. Magic begins as the hot tub jets let go and these two let go with their want and desire for each other!!! These two women are sooooooooooooo into each other they cannot keep their hands off of each other and love to lick, touch, play with each others' private parts. Watch as the camera brings you right into the hot tub with them . . . full frontals full rears and then Deb decides to bring it indoors for some good ol fashion stripping. Fun Fun Fun!! The girls continue their exciting exotic dancing now that they are full into their own sensuality . Debra finishes on the floor exposing all for her fans and then a more gentle and sensual side to Carmella expounds and she comes in front of the camera for some very sexxy dancing. Debra just cannot contain herself any longer so she joins in with Carmella and WOW . . .the magnetism between these two Muscle Girlz is exhilirating! Ya gotta sit back, grab a cocktail and enjoy!!! So much Sensuality and Muscle together in one video how can you stand it!!! Debra D'Andrea and Carmella Cureton are reunited once again after 5 years apart and they are explosive together! Watch as they lap dance for each other, going down on each other frontals and rears, pleasing each other and having a blast. You will to when you sit back and watch and enjoy. Sit back and indulge on these two sensual Muscle Babes as they lap dance for each other, go down on each other, pleasing each other and WOW . . . just so much heat and passion between them it's almost too much to handle!!! !!

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