Miss Catherine

Released at: May 15, 2015 by Rodney Moore Clips
**"Kinky Fun "** featuring Miss Catherine & Rodney Moore - Miss Catherine gets a call from her husband. Seems he has an extra hour for lunch and he wants to come home and do some role playing. He tells her to lay on the couch blindfolded and he'll come in, pretending to be an intruder and make her suck his dick. But Rodney, a new neighbor, just happens to come in the unlocked door to ask her and her husband to join a new neighborhood watch group. When he finds her naked, he's shocked, but she thinks it's her husband who got home earlier than expected, so she gets on her knees blindfolded and starts giving him a world class blow job. Only after a few minutes of some fine ass cock sucking does she realize that it's not her husband. Oh well, she's gone this far, she may as well finish licking his balls and rubbing her big natural tits all over them. Rodney takes a turn sucking her delicious pussy, worshiping her feet and tonguing her asshole, then shoots a huge load of goo all over her face which she truly enjoys, Suddenly they hear the husband coming home so Rodney flees out the back, and Miss Catherine gets ready for round 2, only this time with aface full of cum.

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