Mommy Got Boobs Vol. 10

Released at: January 12, 2011 by Brazzers
~~My Wood's Hard~~ - Emma is on a family vacation. Feeling alone, she's more than happy to help Jordan, the caretaker, stack some wood. She fakes a neck injury in order to get a massage from Jordan and next thing you know, his dick is in her mouth. ~~Seductive Garage Sale~~ - Nikki Sexx is having a garage sale at her home. Things get interesting when Johnny Sins comes looking for new Hockey pads. Nikki lures Johnny into the house and seduces him with her huge mommy tits. ~~Celibacy!? Not In My House!~~ - Raquel is a hot bored housewife. She gets a visit one day from Chris, who comes preaching celibacy, for her son. She invites him inside and works on talking him out of being celibate and into sleeping with her instead. ~~Dress Like A Slut to Fuck Like A Slut~~ - Keiran is looking to buy something for his mother. JR tries on some sexy clothes to get him in the mood. She lets Keiran fuck her in every one of her tight holes. ~~The Delatosso Family~~ - Ever since Evie's husband was sent away her son has been fucking things up with the wrong people. In order to save the family she must make a peace offering to the big boys.

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Emma Starr

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Nikki Sexx

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Angel Vain