Mommy Loves You POV 2

Released at: February 15, 2019 by Desperate Pleasures
** Alora Jaymes: ** Hey son, i know i was angry when you blackmailed me but i can't stop thinking about it. To be honest i really want to do it again, i can't get the though of your young hard cock out of my mind. And i see by the bulge in your shorts, that you want to do it again too. You're so hard in my mouth, my pussy is quivering in anticipation. Let mommy ride that big cock of yours til you cum deep inside me. Remember it's our little secret! **Dani Arcadia:** Son, i really need a big favor. I've been trying to get pregnant again and your dad just isn't getting the job done. I want you to give me all of your seed. All that young sperm is sure to do the trick and you get to cum inside me so both of us win! That's mommy's big boy! Fill my pussy with that young cock. I'm cumming already. Now it's your turn baby, fill mommy's fertile pussy with your seed and get me pregnant! **Janna Hicks: ** Son! Is that my sex tape you're watching?! I bet it turns you on watching mommy ride a hard cock! It's okay son it has me pretty turned on too so maybe we can help each other! That hard cock of yours barely fits in my mouth so i can't wait to get it in my pussy. Oh son i bet you wanna see mom's big tits don't you?! I can't wait any longer son i need you inside me. That's it son now fill Mommy with your young sperm just like that!

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