More Dirty Debutantes Volume 239

Released at: March 27, 2009 by Ed Powers Productions
Ann Harlow is ready to go all the way with another guy other than buster Willie, and yes, the other guy is lucky me! With Buster working on a novel, Ann and I have an orgasmic, enjoyable tryst. Sexy Jaden stops by to explore her sexuality too. Jaden is exotic, lovely, and sensual... that's what I like! Kelly Moon returns by popular demand! I enjoy her sexuality and persona too! Deacon returns for some girl play with Heather Oaks, then I jump in for a bit with heather. It's fun all the way! Keep those letters cumming. I love to hear from you! Enjoy this volume. With love, Ed Powers

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Scene1: 00:02:47 - 00:35:01 (32:14)

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Scene4: 01:32:44 - 02:08:01 (35:17)


Ed Powers