Muscle Vixen's Exotic Domination

Released at: February 18, 2015 by Iron Belles
The ultra stacked Muscle Vixen is dancing for a private audience on her stripper pole but her guy just cannot keep his hands off her. It's easy to see why...she is wearing black see-thru fishnets and heels with a mask, and her moves are beyond none! A few times she kicks and bats away this guy but finally she decides to teach him a lesson. She kicks him away from the stage and goes down to join and dominate him on the floor. She head and body scissors him soooo hard with her long, muscular and hard thighs that he screams for mercy. But she just laughs her wicked laugh and continues to dominate and abuse him. Muscle Vixen has her victim trapped between her thighs as she squeezes him ever so tightly mashing her fishnets into his tender skin. She also pounds her 7" stiletto heels into him, stepping on him, towering over him and more thrashing. Then she gets back on the stripper pole and does some more of her exotic dancing only to have him continually try to grab at her. So she decides to reverse the tables and make him dance for her! Muscle Vixen makes her victim get up on the stripper pole and dance for her. She laughs and humiliates him constantly. She then pushes him down on his back and dances over! What a site to behold as he looks up at her sexy exotic body and dancing! She then gets down on the stage and puts him in an awesome reverse head scissors before tying him up to the stripper pole and walking out on him leaving him there!

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