My Lesbian Fantasies Vol. 35

Released at: January 16, 2019 by Nikky Thorne Productions
Scene 01 (Nikky Thorne - Lyen Parker) Licking Lyen's sexy ass I think Lyen Parker has such an amazingly sexy ass! I just want to bury my tongue in between her ass cheeks and keep licking every piece of her asshole. I have Lyen up against my wall, and I just start smelling her fragrance and instantly stick my tongue inside to lick her tight asshole. Lyen is so excited by my tongue that she turn the table around. Lyen start smelling and licking my delicious ass with her moist tongue and I can really feel the passion inside me. She lick around my rose, and she start fucking my ass with her tongue with totally dedication. I am so excited, this is simply heaven! Scene 02 (Nikky Thorne - Minnie Manga) Minnie my foot bitch! It is always such a pleasure when my girlfriends give me a sexy foot worship. I am very much into foot fetish, and I love having my feet licked, as much as I also love to lick my girlfriends feet. Minnie is one of my good friends, and I love to play these games with her. Minnie is a sucker for a moist foot, and she gives me a very horny foot love! She is caressing my feet with her hands. Licking my soles with her moist tongue. She uses my toes as her delicious lollipops, and keep sucking them so I almost get an orgasm! Scene 03 (Nikky Thorne - Liv revamped) Headache pussy therapy I am trying to do some work in the kitchen, but there is just too much noise outside! I get so frustrated, and the only way to get rid if frustration and headache is a good orgasm. I walk into the living room where Liv Revamped is taking a nap. I wake her up and start kissing her passionately before I aim for her pussy. I start licking her pussy like I have not eaten for days. She gives me a very orgasmic revenge! But it is not enough We end up in a 69 position licking pussies to multiple orgasms. That took care of the headache, and the frustration is gone! Ahh what an evening with Liv!

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