Nikki Vicious

Released at: March 17, 2017 by Transational Fantasies
Fun-loving trans hottie Nikki Vicious tells you all the ways she likes to have a good time. She loves traveling, snowboarding, fast cars, and of course, shopping. In bed, she likes it rough! She likes a strong man like you to take charge. If you really want to turn her on, try biting her neck. She'll get so horny for you, she's sure to suck your dick. Sucking cock is one of her favorite things to do in bed. Another kink of hers is watching guys jerk off. So hopefully while you're watching her get naked and stroke her own big trans girl cock, you'll start stroking too. She shows off her perky trans titties then slides her panties down revealing her uncut lady stick. She fondles her big balls and runs her long fingernails up and down along her perineum. Before long she's bent over on her knees with her ass in the air begging you to fuck her tight trans pussy. Once you've had your way with her, she strokes her big clit until it erupts with cream covering her in a hot, gooey mess.

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