Nylon Nasstiness

Released at: February 11, 2016 by Desperate Pleasures
Kate England gets some double pleasure from Akira Shell, worshipping her feet and stretching her ass 'til she's ready to get nasty. After some intense blowjob and footjob action Kate gets down and dirty with some deep anal leading to flavored oral and culminating with a NASSty cumshot on her pantyhose covered toes, but it doesn't end there! Akira cleans up the cumshot and Kate's feet too. Busty Asian Kimmy Lee teases the camera while dressing for the scene, and once she's ready she's hard to resist devouring. After erotically licking my way up her legs I buried my face in her panties to tease her, then ripped them off and tongue fucked both holes. She sucked my cock and got it wet, and then I fucked her feet and thighs before sliding in her pussy. We fucked on the desk then moved to the bed where she was begging for my cock in her ass in minutes. I ravaged all 3 of her pretty holes and she finished me off swallowing my load. Alexa Day has a bubbly ass and really muscular, sexy legs that just beg to please a cock After she dresses and warms up this sexy babe was ready to fuck. She sucked my cock a bit and even gave me my first rimjob! Then things really got hot; we rolled all over the bed and she rode my cock hard, without missing a beat she even went right for her rosebud after she came. Alexa may have been an anal virgin on camera, but her ass was made for butt-sex. Alexa took all I could give her and then licked my cock clean til I came in her mouth.

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