Okasana (Pornochic 10)

Released at: May 11, 2006 by DORCEL (English)
On the French Riviera or on the "Victoria," a beautiful yacht, Oksana, her husband and Her sex friends are up for fun! It starts in a luxurious hotel in Cannes where Oksana plays lesbian games with the pretty chambermaid before she asks her husband to take the girl to other realms... Then, on the yacht deck, several girls are playing with each other whilst Oksana's husband introduces her to a young hunk whom she's soon engaged in... a deep relationship with before our insatiable girl enjoys 2 cocks at once! Night has now fallen over a factory where men and women gather for enticing sexual initiation ceremonies where sodomy and double penetrations are both on the menu. Finally, back in a luxurious villa, the master of the house offers his attractive wife a very special night with a group of gorgeous men. Our beautiful girl is soon swamped with all kinds of treats, among which is a glorious double anal penetration...

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Nikki Sun