Older Women & Younger Women #3

Released at: June 21, 2006 by Coast To Coast
Ms. James serves as more than just a shoulder to cry on for a young girl jilted by her boyfriend. Malorie soon learns nothing gets you over a man like a hot, moist pussy pressed against your mouth. A touching tale of lesbian bonding. Maria just got invited to stay with one of the older female executives of the firm at a ranch retreat. Seems a certain older woman is willing to be her mentor and open a few doors for her. Mariah gets to have her pussy opened by a strap-on wielding lesbian. A young high school teacher is visited by a representative of the supervisor's office. The elder educator shows the new teacher how to relax after a hard day. Now it's time to drive an experienced tongue into a willing young teacher's ass. A young girl visiting home from college gets sent to her mother's neighbor's house to borrow a cup of sugar. It's here that she runs into a very horny housewife who gets a little sugar of her own. Hot brown sugar that is. The dean of the athletic department has made a career of working extra hard. You have to when you're a woman in a man's world. Ms. Warren decides to get an escort for an upcoming business deal she decides to check out the goods herself.

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