Olivia & Carley

Released at: July 29, 2015 by Rodney Moore Clips
Hairy cutie Carley comes to the coffee shop wearing a tiny dress and no panties. Her thick, hairy bush is fully exposed. She tries to order coffee but server Olivia asks her to leave since her pubes are hanging out and customers are complaining. But Carley really wants some coffee so Olivia tells her she can borrow a pair of her panties. When Carley goes to look for them in the employee lounge, she also finds a big dildo. She sucks on the toy and starts to rub it against her hairy pussy but Olivia catches her in the act. Olivia doesn't mind at all and takes over pleasing Carley's hairy muff. They explore each other's hairy bodies, licking and sucking on their fur covered nipples and clits. Then Olivia pulls out another surprise from her draw, a strap on. Things get really kink yand Olivia bangs Carley with it. After they've played with the strap on for a while, they finger each others pussies'til their hairy bodies quiver in orgasmic delight.

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