Perverted Stories 27

Released at: February 20, 2020 by JM Productions
Scene 1: Playmates for Bucky: When you're a 35 year old infant it's hard to get playmates. Some parents just don't understand. But this daddy knows just what to do. Changing diapers was never this much fun. Watch these babies get an anal and pussy injection. Scene 2: Dental Dilemma: This little girl went in to get her braces adjusted but instead got her ass fucked out of whack. Welcome to Dentist Dave's office. You want your teeth whiter? He'll brush something on that's real white. Nice and hot and gooey too. Don't forget to floss. Scene 3: My Boyfriend: Her attachment to her plastic friend had reached epic proportions when her family finnaly intervened. Hiring a cult deprogrammer to wean Leigh from her rubber lover was the logical step. The use of a double-packed hot beef injection to clear Leigh's head was his idea. Scene 4: Hare up my Ass: Here comes Peter Cock 'n' Tail, Pumpin up the pussy trail. Wiith a stroke and a poke and jizm's on its way. Go ahead, sing along, but beware the wrath of an angry bunny as this little Euro babe gets a hare up her ass.

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